Calibration Service


We offer a convenient calibration service to ensure that your iBac performs optimally. You receive a prepaid envelope in order to send your iBac to us for calibration.

A calibration resets the fuel cell and should be performed after 500 tests (you will receive a message in the MyiBac application before you reach 500 tests) or after one year, whichever occurs first .

If the device is not calibrated according to above instructions, the accuracy of the result may not be as accurate as a calibrated device when performing a test.


  • After your calibration order you will receive a package with instructions and a prepaid envelope.
  • Follow the instructions and mail the iBac to Alcosystems in the prepaid envelope.
  • Our lab will calibrate your iBac
  • We send the iBac back to you.
  • Ready for use!

Calibration takes 7 days from the day we receive your iBac.