About iBac

iBac is a Breathalyzer that enables the user to accurately measure their alcohol consumption by analyzing the level of BAC (blood alcohol content). The device presents the user with a better understanding and control of their alcohol consumption. Regardless if you aim to lower your alcohol consumption or just track your alcohol level, a Breathalyzer is the perfect tool to reach these goals.

MyiBac is the smartphone application that connects to your iBac device. Your iBac will not work without the app. MyiBac is available for both Android and iOS.

Yes. You can save your test results on MyiBac.

iBac uses a unique fuel cell technology that measures your BAC (blood alcohol content) through a standard breath analysis. The result is visible instantly on your smartphone through the MyiBac application.

iBac measures with +/–0,02 mg/L for alcohol concentrations up to and including 0,20 mg/L. +/–15% of nominal concentration for alcohol concentration above 0,20mg/L. The measurement levels are the same as on Breathalyzer instruments used by the police.

iBac only communicates with the MyiBac app on your smartphone and doesn’t send any data to any cloud solution or third party.

iBac Pro is connected to your smartphone but also includes a multiple set of configurable rules and the ability to store data on a cloud-based platform. iBac Pro is configured and administered by someone else than the intended end user of the device. This makes iBac Pro ideal for companies and organizations such as large vehicle fleets, industries, probation and rehabilitation centers.


A fully charged battery can last up to 500 tests. Keep in mind that the battery may be affected by low temperatures (-5C° / 23° F).

Charge your iBac through the micro-USB port placed under the mouthpiece. A charging cord is included in the original package.

To calibrate your iBac, order a calibration via Alcosystems. A calibration resets the fuel cell and costs 395 SEK. This should be done after 500 tests or after one year, whichever occurs first. If the device is not calibrated according to these instructions, the accuracy of the result may not be correct when performing a test.

Order the calibration service here.


You can change the mouthpiece after each test if you want to. The mouthpieces are washable. You can order more mouthpieces in our online store here.

The mouthpiece is easiest cleaned by hand with water and a mild soap.

Mouthpiece cleaning procedure:
1. Gently remove the mouthpiece from your iBac
2. Rinse the mouthpiece in water with a mild soap
3. Let the mouthpiece dry
4. Ready for use!

About Alcosystems

Alcosystems is a Swedish innovation company that aims to make people more aware of their alcohol consumption habits. We work towards minimizing the risk for alcohol consumers becoming victims of alcohol-related diseases.

Our solution is to provide the market with an accurate Breathalyzer in a small and sophisticated package that connects wirelessly to your smartphone for maximum portability. The company was founded in 2007 and is owned by the founder and private investors.

The idea came to life when the founder Miguel and his wife had their first child. They asked themselves whether the breast milk contained alcohol after previous consumption. Thus, iBac was created for people to get better control over their alcohol intake and habits.

Alcosystems follows PUL and will follow regulation according to GDPR in May 2018.

MyiBac software is developed by Brightlabs.

Yes, you can reach us at support@alcosystems.se or you can fill out the contact form here.

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