About Alcosystems

Our vision – Care through technology

Alcosystems is a Swedish innovation company founded in 2005.

Alcosystems vision is to work towards minimizing the risk for alcohol consumers becoming victims of alcohol-related diseases.

In accordance with our vision Alcosystems constantly work with CSR, educating people on how to gain better awareness and control of their alcohol consumption.

Alcosystems informs and educates society on controlled alcohol consumption. We also provide society with products and services such as the iBac and iBac Pro, helping our consumers with a factual rather than premised overview of their alcohol consumption. We believe in a balanced consumption and a safe and healthy lifestyle as opposed to the regulation of products.

Alcosystems strives for excellence in user experience regardless if you work with a fleet of vehicles or just want to drink less on a Saturday with your friends.

We work to to help bring possible alcohol-related diseases into the light at an early stage in order to prevent them as best as possible. We aim to help people make educated decisions on alcohol consumption based on data and facts, regardless if the user is an organization or a private person.

We achieve this through close relationships with organizations specialized in alcohol consumption patterns such as rehabilitation centers, municipalities and governments. These organizations are vital in developing ways to treat alcohol-related diseases, making a real difference in peoples lives.

With the phrase Care through technology, we emphasize the benefits of technology with a human-centered mindset. Technology makes a difference in order to increase the quality of people’s everyday life.

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